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How to fit running into your busy life as a mum (and stay sane)

September 14, 2016

Today we have a guest blog from Fiona Wright at Run Mummy Run, a wonderful network for mothers who love to run. Run Mummy Run is a place to find friendships and enjoy all the good that running brings. Find the site right here

Are you feeling a little worried about how to fit in your runs? We have so many tasks to squeeze into our busy lives it can be tough to see how we can find time to train for an event? Here are my top tips to fitting in those important runs…

1. Be an early bird
Throw on your trainers and catch the sunrise. A peaceful early morning run will set you up for the day ahead. There is little impact on family time as the children are (hopefully) still sleeping. Embrace those precious moments of calm before the chaos of the day commences!

2. Find a running buddy/babysitter!
Find another running Mum who has similar childcare issues and offer to trade in a run for some babysitting. You could run on different days or do it an all in one morning – taking your runs alternately, then finish with a cuppa and a chat while the kids play.

3. Run with a buggy
There are some amazing buggies out there that have been well adapted for excellent safety and suspension. Take your little one out for some fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors together. Have a read of Run Mummy Run’s recent blog for some great tips on buggy running:

4. Bring the older ones along
If you have kiddies that will no longer fit in a buggy, turn your run into a fun activity that they can join in with. Older children can run with you and younger ones could ride a bike or a scooter. It’s a great opportunity to keep active as a family.

5. Gym childcare
Some gyms offer crèche facilities bookable by the hour. Affordability is always a factor but if feasible it’s a great way of grabbing that well deserved hour just for you.

6. Run to or from work or even in your lunch hour
Providing you live within a reasonable distance and maybe some shower facilities are available, then this is a great way of fitting in a run with no impact on personal or family time. Coordinating what you need to pack is important but once you’ve done it a few times you’ll be a pro! Imagine returning from work knowing your run is done and the rest of the evening yours!

However you decide to fit your running in make sure you don’t stress over it. Our lives are manic enough without adding more worries. Choose a method that fits comfortably with your life and always remember 10 minutes is better than no minutes at all.

Happy running

About the Author:
Fiona Wright is a Run Mummy Run Community Ambassador. She has been running for just under 3 years and enjoys it greatly. She is mum to two young sons and works in digital marketing and freelance copywriting. She has recently started her own massage business and is studying Sports Massage at college. Fiona also writes and curates the content for
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