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Dusseldorf – Running Routes

May 21, 2017

Although primarily known for its fashion and art, Dusseldorf is a favourite city among runners for the scenery along the Rhine River that winds beautifully through the city.

A popular area for running is the Rhinepark Euroga 2002 close in Western Dusseldorf. The park originally opened in 1912 and has since acquired land and grown to its current status. Rhinepark Euroga 2002 gives visitors the opportunity to escape from the bustle of the city with spectacular views of the Rhine and the Dusseldforf skyline.

The Holiday Inn Dusseldorf Neuss is about half a kilometre away from the park, and the run around the perimeter of the park is about 3.1km. For a slightly longer run, you can take a detour at Rheinallee up towards the conservation area at Reistall Schurmann before looping back and continuing around the park perimeter for a total 5KM. The gradient is flat throughout, although there is a slight slope on the southern border, Scheidendamm. Overall an outstanding area for getting your runs in!

Those staying at the Holiday Inn Dusseldorf Airport Ratingen also have the opportunity to escape the city, with nearby conservation spaces and lakes perfect for an open air adventure. For a 5km escape, cross the Briochhofstraβe (carefully!) and follow Vohlhauster Weg around the southern border of the conservation space. Keep with the park border until joining up with the park path at the north western corner and follow through until you meet up with your starting point.

For a slightly longer route, head south from the hotel towards Leisure Park for a 7km route around both Silbersee and Grüner See. Follow the path around the parks and the lake perimeters until it joins up with Briochhofstraβe and then you’re on the home straight back to the hotel. Watch out for the geese though! (They congregate around Silbersee) As you might have guessed, Leisure Park is a great spot to relax after a long day. It’s become a community hotspot for activities and performances, so you might be able to catch a local show at the open-air stage.

Going around Grüner See, you’ll have beautiful views of Landsberg Castle and the Church of St. Peter and Paul from the 12th century. With a short diversion from the route around Grüner See, you can see the Ratigan instalment of the Trails of Art in Neanderland around Erholungspark Volkardey. The project combines nature and art by infusing works from 11 contemporary artists on a trail from Bonn to Dessen.

The paths stay pretty level throughout so you’re able to take in the sights around the different lakes bolstered by the outstanding cultural benefits on offer, Dusseldorf really is a fantastic place to stretch your legs and explore.

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