14 Mar 2018

Fleur Runs – The Comparison Trap

Next month, Fleur Runs will participate in the Paris Marathon and the Virgin Money London Marathon.   Behold the comparison trap – the act of comparing your running performance against another. We’re all guilty of falling into this trap at some stage, but I’ve learned how to recognize the… Read More

09 Mar 2018

Marathon Marcus – My Marathon Preparation

In this blog we hear from two time Virgin Money London Marathon runner Marathon Marcus, as he talks us through his marathon preparation. When I first started out I didn’t really understand the subtle nuances of marathon training paces, and ran every session as hard as I could. It’s… Read More

06 Mar 2018

LDN Brunch Club – Nutrition

With a huge host of gels, energy blocks, isotonic drinks available it can be a little overwhelming and hard to know what’s right for you and what you actually need, especially for first time marathoners. We caught up with LDN Brunch Club Founder and Captain Stephen Adjaidoo to get his… Read More

26 Feb 2018

Kate Carter – Work, Family and Running

With Virgin Money London Marathon preparation in full swing, Kate tells us how she balances training with work and family life.  If you want something done, ask a busy person, the cliche goes. And if you want efficient marathon training done, ask a parent. Fitting in the miles around a… Read More