09 Sep 2016

Note to self: Recover Properly

Whilst running has so many great health and fitness benefits, if we do not take the time to recover sufficiently our muscles and energy sources will quickly begin to suffer and have a negative effect on running performance…you can say goodbye to those PBs! A lot of people research how… Read More

09 Sep 2016

Stress Relief

It’s no secret that exercise is one of, if not the most fantastic way to release stress and forget the ebbs and flows of your daily anxieties. Exercise silences that chattering monkey in our heads that dwells on mistakes, missed opportunities, bad decisions and fears about the future. It also… Read More

09 Sep 2016


The Angel of the North but is Newcastle really a good place for runners? The answer is Undoubtedly! Within the UK, it is perhaps more famed for a raucous approach to a Saturday night but Newcastle is home to a huge variety of differing running routes and also the Great… Read More