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10 reasons to run a Great marathon!

June 1, 2017

If you’re deciding whether to sign up to the Birmingham International Marathon, here’s some top reasons why we think you should.


  1. For the Glory

The Marathon distance is iconic plain and simple. How quickly you run it is not as important as saying you were actually able to finish one. Have you ever found your friends and family slightly hesitant at agreeing with you that you actually do possess super-human strengths? Well, running a marathon will prove to them you were right all along.

  1. For the New You!

OK, so you need more convincing? Well, how about if we told you within a month of taking the plunge and signing up for a marathon you will not only feel better but you will sleep better, eat better and even look better? Not a bad incentive.

  1. We have you covered

The miles don’t lie, so if you get yourself getting into a routine and follow our marathon training plans, you will succeed! Trust us, we know what makes a Great Runner and we think you can be one too!

  1. Keep a Diary

Perhaps not in the style of Adrian Mole, but more a record of what you have done each time you have trained and how you felt as you did so. Looking back on particularly hard days and seeing how you got the job done is wonderful source of motivation as you move through your training plan. It’s also a really good resource for identifying any problems that may occur along the way. Were you hungry before you trained? Did you have a stressful day at work? The more information you write down the easier it is to reassure yourself it’s just a blip when things seem harder than usual.

  1. Feel the love

Tell as many people as possible that you are going to run your marathon and when it is. This will not only impress the socks of them but also help them encourage you when you find yourself struggling in the depths of your training, phrases such as ‘we know you can do this’ and ‘we believe in you’ from loved ones really do go a long way if you ever find yourself a little demotivated during your training.

  1. Practice will make you perfect

A wise old bean once mentioned that the capital of Italy took longer than 24 hours to construct so don’t worry about still feeling a little unfit in the first few weeks of your schedule – it’s called ‘training’ for a reason, and with this in mind, be patient and keep perspective on how long your marathon journey is. Once your body starts figuring out the ‘new you’ is here to stay, it will play ball. So just be patient, give it time and watch the magic happen.

  1. Live life to the max!

We have all heard of the quest to achieve the perfect ‘work/life’ balance, well during your training, look at achieving your ‘run/life’ balance too! Yes you are committing to a wonderful and at times intense running journey, but enjoy the view as you progress through it. Special occasions are still special, so the odd day when other things apart from running take priority is totally fine. It’s all about advance planning.

  1. Be part of something special

Feeling more confident that you’re making the right choice by running a marathon? Good! Believe it or not, there are thousands of people thinking the same thing and given that ‘sharing is caring’, here at The Great Run Company we love nothing better than hearing about how it’s going during your training journey. Use our social media channels to share your experiences along the way and read about others in the same position as you within the running community. We have weekly motivation and advice so make sure you check our pages regularly.

  1. Be Inspirational

Just when you thought the buzz of running a marathon couldn’t get any better…there’s more! It turns out that the inspirational nature of your marathon journey is a great way to raise funds for good causes too. Knowing you’re running for others as well as yourself is a great tonic and is a fantastic way to let friends and family show how much they admire your efforts. Choose a good cause, encourage people to donate and feel even better about yourself when you cross that finishing line!

  1. It’s fun!

Ah yes, here we are, reason #10…and it’s a grandstand finish too! Believe it or not, you will have an enormous amount of fun running the race itself. There’s nothing like being inside the barriers during a big sporting event and a marathon will let you do so. The feeling of running with thousands of people and being cheered on by thousands of spectators is quite unique and will power you through the tough miles. Be warned though, crossing that finish line at the end of your marathon journey can be an emotional experience, so be prepared to shed a tear when you do – you are now officially amazing!


Entries are open for the inaugral Birmingham International Marathon, Sunday 15 October 2017. Enter here.

This feature was originally published on the Great Run website. Visit the site to see more hints about training and nutrition.

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