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Norwich – Running Routes

August 10, 2017

This week our running routes take us to…Norwich!

One of the oldest cities in the United Kingdom and predominately known for its literature, Norwich is a great city for weekend escapes and to return to the Medieval side of England. Norwich has a very active running scene and has one of the largest park runs in the United Kingdom.

For a short run around Norwich, try the running route from Holiday Inn Norwich – North. This route keeps to the main roads like Cromer Road and Boundary Road for 1KM each, before cutting through the Royal Norwich Golf Club. After the golf club, the route goes up Middletons Lane before finishing back at the hotel. Rounding out at 5.6km, this route has its fair bit of elevation with the steepest incline by the golf course. While the route cuts through residential areas and the Drayton High Street, there are plenty of beautiful views along the way! For the best of these, take a break to oversee some play at the Royal Norwich Golf Club, or on Middelestons Lane over Hellesdon Recreation Centre.

To take in a bit more of Norwich’s green spaces, you could try the route from Holiday Inn Norwich City.  This longer running route takes in Whitlingham Country Park and features the Whitlingham Great Broad lake. It finishes up at 9.5km with elevation changes great for hill practice. Turn right out of the hotel and follow Geoffrey Watling Way around past the Norwich City football pitch. Turn left onto Carrow Road and continue onto King Street, which is your first hill. The route evens out when you turn left onto Whitlingham Lane, which you will follow through the park and around Whitlingham Great Broad lake. If you’re looking for more activities during your stay in Norwich then take a breather here by the Whitlingham Visitors Centre for a quick history lesson!

This area is great for a rest during your run, as you’ve reached the halfway point and there are many benches by the lake for visitors. After you’ve taken in the sights, the second half of the route is almost identical to the first – follow Whitlingham Lane until you come up on that elevation increase on King Street. At the top of King Street, turn right onto Carrow Road and follow that around the other side of the Norwich City football stadium until you return to hotel to rest.

For a sightseeing run, make sure to stop by the Norwich Cathedral and the Norwich Castle, conveniently just 700 metres from each other. The path up to Norwich Castle is well-defined, although it can seem quite steep, the view from the top is wellworth the climb, as you can see all over Norwich from the medieval castle. Enjoy the run down from Norwich Castle before turning right onto Upper King Street. Follow this path until you reach the Erpingham Gate on the right, which will lead you straight to the Norwich Cathedral. The cloisters on the Norwich Cathedral grounds are the largest remaining in England, and a great area to recover before your next run.

So there it is, Norwich, a fantastic city to explore on foot, especially if you like taking a trip back in time to the Medieval age. With cobbled streets and historical gems hidden throughout the city, Norwich is a favourite amongst the running community.



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