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Running Routes – Frankfurt

October 5, 2017

Frakfurt Alte Oper Running Routes

Frankfurt is rich in history, culture, and amazing sights. The city offers excellent routes for us runners. We’ll focus on two routes, the first for city lovers, and the second, a more relaxing park run.

Holiday Inn Frankfurt Alte Oper offers a fantastic city route, ready for anyone to explore. You can find it in the route searcher, but here’s a little taste of the route beforehand:

Starting in the hotel, head right towards the park Taunusanlage. Here you will be running south through the park to the other side. Taunusanlage features multiple interesting sculptures and views of the city’s skyscrapers.

Two blocks down, you’ll reach the historic river Main. A perfect bonus to this river is the beautiful green bank that you can run along. Along the bank there are a bountiful amount of sculptures and pit stops to make your run more interesting. Towards the end of the green you’ll reach bridge Ignatz-Bubis-Brücke, cross it and start running on the green back the other direction.

If you’re in the mood for culture, this route is perfect for you. Once you get south of the river after crossing Ignatz-Bubis-Brücke, you’ll be in an area called Museumsufer (Museum River Bank). Frankfurt has more than 30 museums – one of the largest variety in Europe. Museumsufer alone has 20so, you can be acquainted to the area for a re-visit. From architecture, to art, to communications, there’s a museum for everyone. The most famous is The Städel, with a fantastic art collection.

When you arrive at the bridge Holbeinsteg, make a right to the crossing to the other side of the river Main. You’ll be running through the last bit of green until you hit Friedensbrücke, follow this road north, circling around Frankfurt Central Station.

Getting to the first cross roads you encounter, make a right back to Holiday Inn. This cultural route is perfect for exploring the city and should take you roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on your running style.

If you’re up for a more relaxed route full of park scenery, Frankfurt has one of the best. Starting at park Taunusanlage, head north via Reuterweg road, you should get to the Goethe University Frankfurt. Make a left and you’ll arrive at Grüneburgpark. The whole run from Taunusanlage to Grüneburgpark will be around a 10 minutes run, but very much worth it.

Grüneburgpark offers a large area if you wish to train for a specific running event such as a 10K. you may also want to have a relaxed jog, taking you through to the beautiful botanical gardens. If you’re into it, Grüneburgpark also has a magnificent Korean garden, that one may choose to end a run with a meditation session there.

Frankfurt truly has something for every type of runner.


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