08 Mar 2017

East London – Running Routes

Running Routes: East London London is a city in perpetual flux, but few parts of the capital have changed so much in the past decade as the East End. Areas such as Hackney, Dalston and Stoke Newington – once run-down corners of the city – are now a… Read More

01 Mar 2017

Michel Roux Jr’s Better Breakfasts

Michel Roux Jr’s Better Breakfasts We caught up with the chef Michel Roux Jr to find out how he’s preparing for his next marathon and what he eats for breakfast to ensure he has enough energy to keep on running… The Training My training is going okay but I do… Read More

10 Feb 2017

Top 10 Motivational Running Tips

Top 10 Motivational Tips Everyone has days when they just don’t feel like getting out to run – days when the sofa, or the pub, seem like a much more tempting option. But if you’re preparing for a marathon or another race then you need to find ways to stay… Read More

31 Jan 2017

Stick with your running resolutions

New Years Resolutions! The first week of January tends to be full of grand plans, new trainers and a list of slightly too ambitious running goals. As the month carries on and work and life takes over, it can be hard to stay on track. But it doesn’t have to… Read More