09 Sep 2016

Edinburgh – Running Routes

Whether you want to power up hills or pound steadily along the waterfront, Edinburgh is ideal for running. Set across seven hills, it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, dripping in historical architecture and surrounded by nature that’s close enough to explore even on a longish run… Read More

09 Aug 2016

Learn to Love Running:  A Guide to Embracing the Road

Many of us remember running as a punishment, our least favourite ‘sport’ at school. However, things have changed since you last put on your PE kit, and it’s become one of the most popular forms of exercise. No longer should you dread the cross-country, instead think about the positives of… Read More

18 Apr 2016

The Comeback Kid’s road to London Marathon

Running downhill is fun. Even after 25 miles. Splish splosh I go down the wet slide of a hill towards Llanberris and the finish line of the Snowdonia marathon. Running downhill is fun. Even when two people in front of me slip over into what appears to be a peat… Read More

01 Apr 2016

Things I’ve learned about marathons

London Marathon is getting closer, and Phil’s training runs are coming to an end. He shares with us what he’s learned about running marathons. When a Lazy Girl badgered me in to going for a run five years ago I never imagined I would run a marathon. That was for… Read More