27 Mar 2018

Fleur Runs – Am I a "Real Runner"?

With just one month until the Virgin Money London Marathon, Fleur Runs shares discusses what it means to be a runner today.   The term ‘real runner’ has caused much debate in the running community lately and I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject. Let me start… Read More

23 Mar 2018

Kate Carter – Dealing with Setback

With once month to go until the Virgin Money London Marathon, Kate Carter talks about how to deal and overcome running setbacks   Keen runners are not noted for their patience. And runners in marathon training become even worse, prone to bouts of twitchiness and paranoia. As soon as… Read More

16 Mar 2018

LDN Brunch Club – Virgin Money London Marathon training update

Anna, Jessica, and Veronica from the LDN Brunch Club share their updates on Virgin Money London Marathon training, around work and travel commitments. ANNA My favourite thing about training over the past month has also been the thing that’s challenged me – trying to fit in runs around travel. Read More

14 Mar 2018

Fleur Runs – The Comparison Trap

Next month, Fleur Runs will participate in the Paris Marathon and the Virgin Money London Marathon.   Behold the comparison trap – the act of comparing your running performance against another. We’re all guilty of falling into this trap at some stage, but I’ve learned how to recognize the… Read More