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Top tips for running when you’re away from home…

Oktober 19, 2017

There are times when all of us find ourselves away from home, whether that be on a business trip or leisure time away with the family.  If you are training for an event or just relish the thinking time running allows the first thing you pack for your trip is your trainers.

These are Run Mummy Run’s top tips for getting the most out of your runs while you’re away from home…

What to pack?

Well obviously, packing your running kit is a good start!  Depending on the weather you might need to throw in a lightweight running jacket to shelter you from the showers that are common during the British Summer.  A running cap and sunglasses are also a good idea during a hot spell as are Bodyglide or Vaseline to avoid chafing due to sweat.  Wherever you are running you must pack some sweat proof sun block.  It is far too easy to burn when you are outside running – even when it’s cloudy!

If space is of a premium, travel in your running trainers to leave a little more space in your bag. Make sure any running kit that you pack is lightweight and can be rolled up to take up less space. If you are away for more than one night, a small bottle of handwashing liquid to wash sweaty kit is a good idea too.  If you can wash your kit you don’t need to pack as much and it should dry quickly if you wring it out well and you hang it up.

Planning your route

Holiday Inn have identified running routes around each of their hotels in the UK and Germany.  These routes are accessible via the running hub and make finding a decent, local route stress free while you are away.

If you are away over a weekend it’s also worth checking to see if your destination has a parkrun.  Everyone loves a little parkrun tourism and it takes the thought out of finding a route.

You can also check out the local tourist information and pick up any local walking maps.  You can use these to plan routes and sight see at the same time.

Running Early….What to eat?

If you are planning to run early check what time your hotel does breakfast from.  You could always have something like a porridge pot made with hot water in your room or a cereal bar and then indulge in a lovely breakfast when you get back to refuel.

Have fun

Our top tip for running when you’re away from home is to have fun!  Use the opportunity to explore new places and don’t worry too much about pace.  Even if you are trying to follow a training plan try to schedule your easy runs for while you’re away, so that you can enjoy a leisurely pace and take lots of pictures.  You can save your hill reps for when you are back home….

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