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Running Routes – Southampton

Dezember 28, 2017

Southampton, famous for its history as a major port and its connections to the Titanic and the Spitfire airplane, has several interesting running routes for all to enjoy. We’ll take you through three routes locations which you can choose depending on what mood you’re in.

If you’re up for a longer route at around 9.5km, and with great views of different aspects of the city, our running route starting at Holiday Inn Southampton  hotel is a winner.

Going through Hoglands Park you’ll get to experience the hustle and bustle part of the city centre at the heart of Southampton. Onwards to Northam Bridge and you’ll be treated views of the historic River Itchen and its many beautiful boats. Running up north through to Bitterne Railway Station and following the route south to Itchen Bridge, you’ll be passing through Peartree Green – a large park overlooking River Itchen.

Running back into the Southampton centre, you may wish to take a de-tour from the route and check out the Ocean Village Marina. This new complex features bars, restaurants, cinemas, and a great place for some post-run entertainment and relaxation.

Following the main road, you’ll be running back to Hoglands Park and on a similar route to go back to the starting point at Holiday Inn.

If you’re new to running or want a more relaxed route, the parks in Southampton are perfect. Starting at the south-eastern point at Hoglands Park, you can run north through Houndwell Park, Palmerston Park, East Park, and finally, Watts Park, circling back down to your starting point. You’ll be all parked out after this one! The total distance is just under 2 miles and it can take you as long as you wish as it’s great for doing laps!

The great thing about this route is you can familiarise yourself with the Southampton City Art Gallery, and SeaCity Museum, just 1 minute south from Watts Park on Commercial Road.


Nature lovers and more experienced runners, may wish to take a de-tour at East Park and head north to the historic Southampton Common via Asylum Green (10-15 minutes running). This huge park goes back to 500AD as a grazing field for Southampton residents (Sotonians), and is now used for music events, running, and general park activities.

Southampton Common is probably the most famed and visited park by runners serving as their training ground for various runs. With ponds, forests, and wildlife, the Southampton Common is a sure treat.

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