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Running Routes – Dresden

Mai 6, 2018

Dresden based in the east of Germany, is home to three Holiday Inn hotels and is renowned for beautiful art museums and classical architecture that dates back to 1743. With the glorious scenery Dresden is the ideal destination for a scenic run.

Holiday Inn Dresden City South is situated about 2 miles from the stunning 500 acres Grober Garten Park. The park was established in 1676 and became a public garden in 1814. Grober Garten Park gives visitors an opportunity to escape the busy urban life-style and enter the wilderness revolving around the Sommerpalias (below), the parks centerpiece.


This is a longer route (12km) allowing runners to explore the wonders of the park. However if you are feeling tired, a welcomed break would be advised at the park’s Botanical Gardens. These are located at the north-western corner of the park, where guests can enjoy beautiful display of trees and flowers, free of charge. The Botanical Gardens boasts more than10,000 species of plants which are arranged in a geographical manner so visitors can take a botanical trip around the world. Also, for animal lovers, there is a Zoo inside the park. For just a small fee guests can enter the zoo containing around 400 different species from all over the world.

For a slightly shorter route (8km), runners are encouraged to explore Dresden Old Town located near the WaisenhausstraBe. Upon leaving the hotel, run carefully up along the Budapester StraBe soaking up the bustling city atmosphere as you enter the ‘old town’. After finding your way through the ‘old town’ runners get the chance to do a small lap in the Grober Garten Park near the Botanical Gardens.
Once you are in the park, you are half way there, so when you think you have emptied half the tank, turn around and re-track your route through the old town and then follow the Budapester StraBe back to Holiday Inn for a well-deserved rest.

If you are staying in Holiday Inn Dresden Am Zwinger it’s just a short run away from the ‘inner old town’. There are many attractions that make the ‘old town’ the centre of city life including the magnificent domed church that dominates the skyline and the Zwinger Palace opened in 1719. After a short 0.5km run down the Ostra Allee you’ll find yourself in front of the beautiful Baroque styled Zwinger Palace. This is perhaps Dresden’s most impressive building and then you cross the River Elbe into the Palace Gardens. You complete this stunning circuit by crossing the next bridge and following the KonneritzstraBe before heading back to the ‘old town’ and eventually your hotel completing a 6km run.

A similar route is route is available for a slightly shorter run (5km), once again you pass the wonderful Zwinger Palace and cross the River Elbe, however instead of going west, go east towards the radiant Staudengarten with its decadent art collection and then head back across the river towards the hotel winding through the Bruhlschen Garten and the ‘old town’, this is a very popular route as it passes some of the best Dresden has to offer.

There are a further three routes available from the Holiday Inn based outside of central Dresden, two of which end up running along the stunning River Elbe and the other enters the large Dresdner Heide hoping to ignite the adventurers spirit inside of you.

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